Elements of Mechanical Design – S14

Ralph Steiner’s Mechanical Principles


This page contains information for SYEN 3379. Elements of Mechanical Design.
Office Hours: T 9-10:30 and R 9:30-10:30, please call ahead (569-8071) to verify that I’m in my office.
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Gearbox Outer Plate
Gearbox Main Plate
Frame v6
Drive Gear Box
Steering Wheel – V2
Wheel Well Main Plate Drawing
Steering Wheel
Frame v4
Drive GearBoxAssignments


Homework #1. Basic Gear Calculations
Homework #2. More Gearbox Calculations
Homework #3. Shear and Moment Diagrams: 3-9, 3-10, 3-11, 3-12, Assigned: 2/17/14, Due: 2/24/14
Homework #4. Mohr’s Circle & FEM of gear teeth, 3-15, 3-16 (you can use matlab for calculations if you wish) Assigned: 2/21/14, Due: 2/28/14
Homework #5. Deflection and Beam Stress, 3-34, 3-45, Assigned: 2/24/14, Due: 3/10/14
Homework #6. Gear Stress analysis using Ansys (not assigned)
Homework #7. Gear Shaft deflection calculations (not assigned)
Homework #8. Bolt Calculations, Assigned: 4/28/14, Due: 5/5/14

Design Exercises

1. Gear Box Calculations
2. Gear Box Detail Design (revised to add bearing p/n)
3. Battery Holder MiniDesign
4. Design Assessment

Topics, Reading, and Date

Week 1-2. Intro, syllabus, Spur Gears and Gear box design. Read Chapters 13, 14, and class notes.
Week 3-5. Gears, Deflection, Stresses, Read Chapters 3, 4.

Scrub School Assignment
The document describing the first lab assignment (scrub school) [PDF]
Parts must be stamped with your letter to get credit.

Second Assignment – Drawings & Parts
1. Strut (x4) – Steven, Philip
2. BearingPlate(x8) – Manuel, Regie, Glenn, Erich
3. BearingTop (x4) – Demetric
4. BearingBack (x4) – Marcus, Kyle
5. BearingCover (x8) – Justin, Quan
6. BearingBottom (x4) – Brian
7. LeafSpringLong (x2) – Caitlin
8. LeafSpring (x2) – Thanh
9. BearingSpacer (x16) – Brady, Kent, Saxon
10. BearingRod (x8) – Tommy, Gaudencio

First Assignment
A. Caitlin Buchanan (link – rough)
B. Justin Empie (link – rough)
C. Marcus Hefner (smallink – finished)
D. Tyler Kent (link – finished)
E. Quan Lin (link – finished)
F. Regie Longoria (smalllink – finished)
G. Brian Solomon (smallink – finished)
H. Erich Stertmann (link – finished)
I. Thanh Truong (link – finished)
J. Glenn Waterworth (smallink – finished)
K. Kyle York (smallink – finished)

L. Gaudencio Arce (smalllink – finished)
M. Stephen Fitch (smalllink – finished)
N. Saxon Golden (smalllink – finished)
O. Tommy Lawrence (link – finished)
P. Philip Persson (link – finished)

Q. Manuel Castrillo (link – finished)
R. Demetric Dixon (link – finished)
T. Brady Hogg (link – finished)

Free CAD Models of Manufacturer Parts
CAD Models


Stock Drive Products

John Cleese’s Lecture on Creativity

Links to Parts Available for Design

FIRST CIM MOTOR (QTY: 1 per design)
Servo Motor for Latch and Clutch (QTY: 2 per design)
Limit Switch
Potentiometer (Link TBD)
HEDS Encoder SolidWorks IGES
Yaw Rate Sensor

608 series bearing

3200 series angular contact bearing

——————- older stuff below here ———————-
Topics, Reading, and Date
Week 1. Intro, syllabus, and design. Read Shigley Chapter 1 and lecture notes on design
Week 2. Continue design. Failure criteria, stress exam. Read Shigley Chapter 5.
Week 3. Continue Failure
Week 4-6. Fasteners, clamping loads, bolted joint, failure modes. Read Shigley Chapter 8.
Week 7. Frame design. Deflection (Shigley chapter 4) will be expected pre-knowledge for this topic.
Week 8-9. Bearings. Read Chapter 11.
Week 10-11. Shaft Coupling and Deflection. Read Chapter 7.
Week 16. Clutches and Brakes (time permitting). Read Chapter 16.

More to come …

Introduction to Design
Shaft Coupling

Some thoughts on Clutches, Latches, and Ratchets [PDF]

Design Exercises
1. Deflection of a Frame Assigned: 8/19/13, Due: 8/26/13
2. Controller Box Design (rough draft) Assigned: 9/30/13, Due: 10/7/13
3. Frame Design (rough draft) Assigned: 9/30/13, Due: 10/16/13
4. Controller Box Design (second draft) Assigned: 10/9/13, Due: 10/16/13
5. Controller Box Design (final draft) Assigned: 10/9/13, Due: 10/11/13
Design Drawings (submit PDF for credit & linking on web site – due: 10/29/13)

6. Frame Design (second draft) Assigned: 10/11/13, Due: 10/18/13
7. Frame Design (final draft) Assigned: 10/21/13, Due: 10/25/13
8. Drive Wheel Design (rough draft) DUE: Dec. 4 see top of page
9. Drive Wheel Design (second draft) DUE: Dec. 9 see top of page
10. Drive Wheel Design (final draft) DUE: Date of Final Exam (Dec. 11) see top of page

HWK 1. Pick three common items and determine the top level functional requirement and the first level functional requirements. Map design parameters to functional requirements. Assigned: 8/26/13, Due: 9/2/13.

HWK 2. 8-11, 8-12, 8-13, Due: 9/30/13

HWK 3. 8-24, 8-29, 8-32, 8-67 (no bending failure), 8-71 Assigned 9/30/13, Due: 10/9/13

HWK 4. Go to mcmaster.com and find the tolerances for ABEC-5 bearings. Design a hole diameter and shaft diameter including tolerances for an R8 bearing.
From Shigley: 11-1, 11-2, 11-3, 11-4
Assigned: 11/11/13, Due: 11/18/13

HWK 5. 7-1, 7-3, 7-6, Assigned 11/11/13, Due: 11/25/13

HWK 6. Gear box calculations [PDF] Assigned: 11/25/13 Due: 12/2/13
Table to do HWK 6 [DOC]

Stress Exam
Stress Exam Specification Assigned: 8/19/13, Problems due: 9/3/13, Stress Exam: 9/4/13.

Links to part drawings
Controller Box Design – v1- by ABW

Controller Box Design – v2 – by ABW

Bearing Holder
Bearing Adapter
Dowel Pin

Models for Frame – by ABW

mounting strap

Gear Box Design Problem – PDF

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