Introduction to Control Engineering-S13

This page contains useful information for the course “Introduction to Control Engineering,” an introductory course in digital control.  The course will introduce students to the basic concepts in control and include a exploration laboratory module that allows students to test their algorithms on a robot.

Office Hours: Tuesday, 8:30 to 9:30, Thursday, 2:00-2:30 (either EIT 522 or EIT 224)

Control and Sensor Systems (CASSY) page

System Identification and Control Exercises
Exercise #1. Open Loop Parameter Estimation
Exercise #2. Step Test System Identification Due: March 18
Exercise #3. Open Loop Bode Plot System Identification Due: April 8
Exercise #4-6. Proportional-Integral-Derivative Control Due: 4/17/13, 4/22/13, 4/29/13
Exercise #7. Closed Loop Bode Plot and Step Tests Assigned: 4/24/13, Due: 5/1/13 (this will be the last exercise.)
Exercise #8. “Direct Method” Control (we’re not going to do this one this semester)

Homework Problems
Homework #1. Differential Equations Review Problems, handed out in class, Assigned: 1/14, Due: 1/23
Homework #2. Components of Control System: DDMRA, P2.1, P2.2, P2.3, P2.4, P2.5, P2.6, P2.10, Assigned: 1/23, Due: 2/1
Homework #3. Performance Specifications: DDMRA, P3.1, P3.2, P3.3 (may need to ask questions on this in class), P3.4, P3.5, P3.6, Assigned: Feb. 8, Due: Feb. 14.
Homework #4. P3.8, P3.9, P3.10, P3.11, P3.12, Assigned: Feb. 14, Due: Feb. 21
Homework #5. [PDF], Assigned: March 6, Due: March 13
Homework #6. Franklin and Powell, Chapter 4: 4.1, 4.6, 4.20, 5.16 (c), (e) [I'll upload a CDT table that will help with this. The table in the front cover (and that given below) does NOT include a ZoH], Assigned: April 8, Due: April 15
Homework #7. Franklin and Powell, Chapter 7: 7.11, 7.15 (use matlab where possible to assist in the calculations and plots. you may use matlab’s tf to make this much easier), Assigned: April 24, Due: May 6

Book Chapters from Introduction to Controls: Digital Design for Mobile Robotic Applications
Chapter 2: Components of a Feedback Control System [PDF]
Chapter 3: Proportional/Integal/Derivative Control [PDF]

Chapter 5. Linear Discrete Time Systems

Chapter 7: Continuous to Discrete Transform

Chapter 7: Laplace Transform Table [PDF]
Chapter 7: Partial Fraction Table [PDF - updated 4/8/13]
Chapter 7: CDT table [PDF - updated 4/8/13]
Chapter 7: Z Transform Pairs [PDF]

Chapter 9: DDMRA Chapter 9: state space

specs_plot.m This function allows you to pass a damping ratio, natural frequency, and sampling time. The function will plot onto the z-plane regions of allowable poles. Syntax: specs_plot(zeta,wn,Ts);

You can use rlocus immediately after specs_plot and overlay the root locus of a system.

Prop_7_15 will give you G and D (PID) with input parameters Kp,Ki,Kd
ragazzini.m, a matlab file to explore ragazzini’s method for the satellite control problem (no link yet)

step.m, a matlab file to generate a step response for second order system
plot_cassy_files.m, a file to decode data files generated by ABWComm4.
bode_compare.m … first and second order Bode plot (pole is a, change if you want) comparing continuous and discrete system. Syntax: bode_compare(Ts)

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