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This page contains information for SYEN 3379. Elements of Mechanical Design.
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Drop Date: Mar. 10

Spring Break, March 23-29, No classes, University Closed March 27

Last Day of Classes: May 4

Consultation Day: May 5

Final Exam Period, Friday May 8, 8-10, EIT 224


date source chapter
 1/14/15  functional requirements
 1/21/15  Shigley, Video Lecture 1, Video Lecture 2, Lecture Notes  Loads and Stress (3-1 through 3-11)
 1/28/15  Shigley  Loads and Stress (3-1 through 3-11)
 2/4/15  Shigley  Bending and Deflection (4-1 through 4-6)
 2/11/15  Shigley  Bending and Deflection, Frame Design
 2/18/15  Shigley, Failure  Failure (5-1 through 5-7)
 2/25/15  Shigley Failure (5-1 through 5-7)
 3/4/15  Shirley  Bolted Joint  (8-1 through 8-12)
 3/11/15  Shigley  Bolted Joint  (8-1 through 8-12)
 3/18/15  Shigley, notes   Bolted Joint  (8-1 through 8-12)
 3/25/15  Spring Break  Whew!
 4/2/15 Bolted Joint
 4/9/15 Bearings, chapter 11, notes
 4/16/15   Gears, Shigley ch. 13, 14  Gears
 4/23/15  Gears
 4/30/15 Some thoughts on Clutches, Latches, and Ratchets [PDF]  Gears


date assigned topic assignment
1/16/2015 energy approximation HWK1. assignment
1/21/2015 review of Chapter 2 HWK 2

1/23/2015 Identify the Functional Requirements of log the splitter below  HWK 3. Log Splitter
2/11/2015 Shear and Moment Diagrams HWK 4

  • 3-9, 3-10, 3-11, 3-12
  • For a uniform 20 foot long aluminum I-beam (e. g. McMaster Carr p/n 8003K11), what is the maximum deflection, due only to the beam’s weight?

Videos to get back into FEM

3/4/2015 Mohr’s Circle HWK 5. Mohr’s Circle

  • 3-15, 3-16 (you can use matlab for calculations if you wish)
3/13/2015 Failure Calcs  HWK 6: 5-1, 5-3
4/1/2015 Bolted Joint HWK 7: 8-11, 8-12, 8-13
4/8/2015 Bolted Joint  HWK 8: 8-24, 8-29, 8-32, 8-67 (no bending failure), 8-71
4/29/2015  Gear Box Design Problem - PDFHWK 6. Gear box calculations [PDF] Assigned: 11/25/13 Due: 12/2/13
Scrub School
Date Assigned Assignment
  • Bearing Top
  • Due 2 weeks after assigned date.
  • Make part and measure dimensions that you can.  Mark dimensions on drawing.
  • Turn in part (with your letter stamped on it) and drawing (with your name written on it).
2/9/2015 Bearing Spacer (quantity x2)
2/24/2015 Bearing Cover (quantity x2)
Design Teams
The Adams Family Adam Carpenter, Adam Jones, Matthew Adamson Leaf Spring Ballista
Pinball Wizards David Ray, Phillip Portoni, Steven Redman Pinball Tube
Team Three Colton Haney, Cruz Eslick, Kari Payton Extension Spring Onager
Team Four Josh Shaw, Evan Hartzell, Priscila Almeida Pressure Cannon
Team Five Hunter Dunne, Mike Hill, Ryan Stanley Trebuchet
Letters to Label Part
Name Letter Name Letter Name Letter
Adamson A Haney H Payton P
Carpenter C Hartzell I Portoni Q
Dunne D Hill F Ray R
Eslick E Jones J Redman G
Shaw S Stanley T Almeida B


Design Concept (individual) Design Exercise 1
Detailed Energy and Force Calculations (team) For your specific design, pick your energy storage element. Write a 1-page report detailing a very specific energy calculation.  If you’re going to use springs, pick an actual spring.  If you’re going to use weights, pick an actual weight.  If you’re going to use a pressure vessel, pick an actual pressure vessel.What forces might you have to impose on your frame?  If you’re going to use a ratchet, how much force will it have to exert to cock your mechanism?  Using a guess of 30J per cycle for a human to add energy to your device, how many cycles will a human have to add to get the device fully charged?
Frame Concept Design and Calculations (team) Design Exercise 2 
Frame Design  (team) Design Exercise 3
 Frame Design Final (team) Design Exercise 4
 Energy Storage and Coupling Design Rough (team) Design Exercise 5
 Latch Design Rough (team) Design Exercise 6
Final Design Report (team) Final Report Format … Potato chunking must be done by the date of the final exam. The report will be due the day after by 12:00 to give time to incorporate any data collected from potato chunking.
Final Design Grading .2*Design Exercise 1 + .1*Design Exercise 2 + .2*Design Exercise 4+.1*Design Exercise 5 + .1*Design Exercise 6 + .3*Final Report

Cool Videos Illustrating Mechanical Concepts


Design Problems

  • Conceptual Design
  • Frame (set space claim, basic energy storage calculation, functional requirements, pivots and attachment points)
  • Energy storage and coupling
  • Latch
  • Ratchet/Winch/Pump

Free CAD Models of Manufacturer Parts
CAD Models


Stock Drive Products

Links to Parts Available for Design

FIRST CIM MOTOR (QTY: 1 per design)
Servo Motor for Latch and Clutch (QTY: 2 per design)
Limit Switch
Potentiometer (Link TBD)
HEDS Encoder SolidWorks IGES
Yaw Rate Sensor

608 series bearing

3200 series angular contact bearing

——————- older stuff below here ———————-

From Shigley: 11-1, 11-2, 11-3, 11-4

HWK 5. 7-1, 7-3, 7-6, Assigned 11/11/13, Due: 11/25/13



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