SYEN 4385. Capstone Design I – F2015



Mechatronic Vent Hood: The Mechatronic Vent Hood is a device that maintains the quality of air in kitchen environmentswhile cooking. It uses humidity, temperature, and smoke sensors to effectively determine theamount of airflow to keep the air clean. This device is installed as an independent unit.

Smart House Lock: The idea behind this project is to design a controlled system that can communicate viaBluetooth with your smartphone and wait idly for your commands in order to either unlock orlock a door for you, the customer.

2016 IEEE Region 5 Robotics Competition Entry: no elevator speech

Electric Motorcycle ­ Codename Project ELIE: For this Capstone project, a team of engineers will design and build a motorcycle, poweredexclusively by electricity, that performs as well as comparable gasoline powered motorcycles.To set this project apart from existing electric designs the team will make careful selections forthe components and design around keeping the motor operating at peak efficiency for thepower input provided.

Portable Clean Power Generating System: Sometimes you find yourself in areas that don’t have electrical power for your variousdevices. The Earth Sciences department goes into remote locations each summer toconduct research and needs a device to service this need. They use cellphones, laptops andother electrical devices, that are need for research and daily communication. This project isgoing to be able to provide a portable electrical green power supply to fill this need.

Aquaponics Greenhouse: The goal is to Utilize and re­establish a dilapidated greenhouse on campus and combineaquaponic technology with a semi­automated greenhouse. “Semi” meaning that the produce hasto be harvested by the user. An aquaponics system is a system that uses fish, algae, or nutrientsto provide the greenhouse with the nutrients it needs without using enriched dirt as the nutrientsource. The greenhouse will receive nutrients from the aquaponic tank and the plants will growin a controlled environment. Aquaponics systems are a very good resource for growing foodwithout the use of chemicals and can be used in environments where plants generally cannot begrown year round. However, these systems have proven to be labor intensive and not easilyoperable or controlled. Our aim is to control for plant water level and temperature inside thegreenhouse and fish ecosystem.

Due date for prototype and description of prototype … Wednesday, Dec. 9, at 6 pm (the end of the final exam for Capstone I)

Prototype grading (individual) … [PDF]

Selecting design approach grading (individual) … [PDF] (this is actually the description of the prototype.

Due date for final report [PDF] … Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 12:00 noon (to blackboard)


Sensors galore (Adafruit)

Robotics bits, including sensors (sparkfun)

Our mission is to get working on a project idea and formed into teams as soon as we can.  Once we form into teams, class time will be allocated for groups to meet with themselves.  Groups will schedule meetings with me once every week to go over progress.

This Week’s Work: Project Plan and Budget [PDF] Due to Blackboard Friday, October 16 … 1 minute before Saturday.

Next Assignment: Final Position Paper: Upload to Blackboard by Monday, Sept. 28. [Rubrics/Project Description]

Aquaponics – Kari Payton (mechanical), David Ray (mechanical), Muhammed Al Hani (telecom/electrical) – Tuesday, 4:30-5:00
ieee robotics – Hunter Dunne (mechanical), Kori Gills (electrical), Autumn Rouse (computer) … Tuesday, 11:10-11:40
Green Power Station – Kenny Garner (electrical), Evan Schrodel (electrical), Adam Jones (mechanical) – Tuesday, 12-12:30
Electric Motorcycle – Colton Haney (mechanical), Ryan Stanley (mechanical), Josh Shaw (electrical), Alex Fuller (electrical), Tuesday, 12:40-1:10
Smart House Lock – Zayed Alsubaie (telecom), mashal ajbaa (telecom), Jose Santos Turull (mechanical) – Friday, 9-9:30
Vent Hood – Philip Portoni (mechanical), Alroy Avance (computer), Evan Hartzell (mechanical), Pynshailang Nongsiej (electrical) – Friday, 12:10-12:40

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