Creative Design

Where?  EIT 322

When? TR 1:40-2:55

Why?  Because we like you!

Learning objectives:

Creative Design will introduce students to exercises that allow them to define a problem that meets a societal need.  Students will interact with the local community to identify users and will solicit targeted information from those users to define needed functions.

Students will be exposed to some basic creativity exercises to allow them to determine multiple solutions to the problem and evaluate those solutions against concrete criteria.

Upon completion of this introductory course, students will be expected to:

  • Find design problems through observing the world around them
  • Identify and empathize with extreme users in a problem space
  • Develop an empathy map for deep understanding of an ill-defined problem
  • Impose constraints on an ill-defined problem to facilitate ideation

Graded items:

individual homework: 30%

group homework: 30%

project: 30%

class participation: 10%

Syllabus [PDF]

Creative Design Course Layout
Date Topic Homework Assigned
Jan. 12 Intro to Course; empathy Empathy Assignment (due 1/19)
Jan. 14 Design Process; identify needs Camera Study (due 1/21)
Jan. 19 Discuss Empathy Assignment
Jan. 21 Present Camera Study
Jan. 26 Focus Group Discussion and Evaluation; Identify 2-3 problems
Jan. 28 Data Collection: how to conduct interviews and observations Develop draft interview questions (due 2/4)
Feb. 2 Data collection in the field
Feb. 4 Defining and locating the ‘user’ Identify users for the problem (due 2/11)
Feb. 9 Pilot interview questions
Feb. 11 Reverse Engineering Interview users (due 2/23)
Feb. 16 Reverse Engineering
Feb. 18 Reverse Engineering Debrief Reverse Engineering report (due 2/25)
Feb. 23 Discussion of interview findings and evaluation
Feb. 25 Brainstorming (general) Investigate Problem (internet, library, etc.) – due 3/1
Mar. 1 Discussion of problem investigation
Mar. 3 Brainstorm solutions Paper solutions (due 3/8)
Mar. 8 Present Paper Solutions
Mar. 10 Present Paper Solutions Develop interview questions (due 3/15)
Mar. 15 2D sketching
Mar. 17 2D sketching Conduct data collection from users (second round) (due 3/29)
Mar. 22 Spring Break
Mar. 24 Spring Break
Mar. 29 Translating insights into problem statements; taking ownership
Mar. 31 Workshop problem and team building /organization = problem statement has been determined; job descriptions; man power assessments; gantt chart of the project Project
Apr. 5 crisis management (ALN & ABW will give scenarios (e.g. your budget was just cut … how do you replan the project) Project
Apr. 7 Present deliverable and receive guidance and feedback Project
Apr. 12 movie night (PBS extreme by design special) Project
Apr. 14 Present deliverable and receive guidance and feedback Project
Apr. 19 survey design Project
Apr. 21 feedback Project
Apr. 26 optional topic Project
Apr. 28 Present deliverable and receive guidance and feedback Project
May 5, 1:30-3:30 Final Exam Slot Defense of Final Project

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