Solid Modeling and Design-S13

CAD Project Assignements
The CAD Project is going to be broken down into sub-steps, so as to keep students from waiting until the very end of the semester to get it started. These assignments will be graded and will be subject to the late penalty. The final project grade will be the accumulation of the grades on each of these projects.

CAD Assignment #1 Assigned: 3/28/13, Due: 4/8/13
CAD Assignment #2 Assigned: 4/9/13, Due: 4/16/13
CAD Assignment #3 Assigned: 4/11/13, Due: 4/22/13 (This is a big one … don’t procrastinate.)
CAD Assignment #4: Design 1 (ideation) and #5: (Implementation) Assigned: 4/23/13, Due: #4 (4/30/13), #5 (date of final exam)

Solid Modeling and Design is a sophomore level design class which also introduces students to the basics of CAD through the SolidWorks program.

This course will involve an individual design project and design report. Although the final result will be a CAD model only, the documentation should be sufficient to build the actual design.

Office Hours: Tuesday, 8:30 (ish) to 9:30, Thursday, 2:00-2:30 (either EIT 522 or EIT 224)

Video Tutorials
As a supplement to the text (which will be abandoned for the next offering, Dr. Wright is preparing a set of video tutorials on specific mechanisms which will assist the student in learning the basics of CAD. These tutorials supplement the other materials in the course and are not a replacement for the course lectures.

NOTE (3/28/13): as of this date, we have not fully gotten the video capture up and running, so this item will be pushed until the next offering of this class. Sorry to the 2013 students.

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