Introduction to Systems Engineering – F12

This is a first year experience course to help new students get a taste of college. It introduces some of the thought processes associated with engineering design.


Final Report Format

Succeeding in the Classroom
History of Engineering and Engineering Disciplines
Campus Experience
Future Challenges
Problem-Solving and Brain-Storming
Project Management

Homework 1 Assigned: 8/29/12, Due: 9/5/12
Homework 2 Assigned: 9/3/12, Due: 9/10/12
Homework 3 Assigned: 9/5/12, Due: 9/12/12
Homework 4 was handed out in class. Assigned: 9/10/12, Due: 9/17/12
Homework 5 Assigned: 9/19/12, Due: 9/26/12
Homework 6 Assigned: 10/24/12, Due: 10/31/12
Homework 7 Assigned: 11/26/12, Due: 12/3/12
Homework 8 Assigned: 12/3/12, Due: 12/10/12

Robotics Groups
College Youtube Video of Competition

Winners of the Final Robot Competition … Taimoor & The Excess (good name for a rock group).

Vexed and Confused: Jacob May, Kyle McCraw, Lance Lippig

SemiProcess: Kori Gills, John Williamson, Evan Hartzell

Artificial Intelligence: Kyle York, Hunter Dunne, Rebecca Rainwater, Mark Johnson

;excess robotThe Excess: Jay Joiner, Emad Hajeb Video

Triforce: Josh Shaw, Kevin Williams, Philip Portoni

gastro-botGastro Men: Grant Moritz, Zac Dandurand, Christian Potts
Video of Post-Competition Scoring
Another video of post-competition scoring

megatronMegatron: Nicolas Butterfield, Hunter Bell, Jawad AlalShaikh

Nonames: Michael Helbig, Hunter Matthews, Rodneysia Musgraves

NoShows: Ryan Donahue

TaimoorTaimoor: Taimoor Azfal
Taimoor scoring

Regarding Internships, the place to start looking for information is UALR’s Office of Internships and Cooperative Education (

If you want to look at the default code for the Vex Microcontroller, it can be downloaded from

Preparation and Presentation

Presentation Grading Criteria

 All group members are expected to participate in the presentation preparation, and the group must submit a brief statement as to each group member’s contribution, signed by all students in a group on the day of the presentation. Any group member who does not participate will receive a 0 for his/her Mid-Term Presentation grade.

A single presenter may present for the group or all members of the group may take turns. Sometimes, a presenter might be absent, so all group members should be prepared to execute the entire presentation at need. If every member of the group ditches the scheduled presentation time, the entire group will receive a 0 for it’s Mid-Term Presentation grade (no make-up).

Presentations will start 15 minutes before the end of class and may not run past the end of class. At the end of class, the audience is free to go. On Wednesday, at the start of lab time, the instructor will start lab.

Presenters should bring their presentation documents to class and load them on the computer at least 5 minutes before the start of class (or the previous day if possible). PDF or Powerpoint are preferred formats. Videos should be tested on the computer at least a day prior to class.


Unit Conversion at NIST
Robotics Report Format in PDF

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