Intro to Systems Engineering – F13

This is a first year experience course to help new students get a taste of college. It introduces some of the thought processes associated with engineering design.

Final Robotics Competition … Friday, December 13, 10:30-12:30 … EIT Auditorium

Robot report due Dec 18 to Dr Wright’s office.

Final Report Format

1 page Experience report due Dec 18 to Dr Wright’s office.

Open Lab Hours … starting the week after Thanksgiving
Tuesday: 12:15 p.m – 2:30 p.m
Thursday 12:15 p.m – 2:30 p.m

Robotics Part Two
Wednesday Lab
Group One – Tanner, Chris, Caleb
Group Two – Kyle, Blake, Hunter
Group Three – Lucas, Kyle C., Tristan
Group Four – Pamfile, Zohaib, Mashal
Group Five – Joshua, James, Cameron

Friday Lab
Group One (Iron Man) – Amanda Rabalais, Toni Lunneman, Ayslynn McAvoy, Lottie Richardson
Group Two (Iron Horse) – Tyler Brown, Jesus Padilla, Ricky Robertson, Abdullah Alotaibi
Group Three – Tyler Kuykendall, Jeffrey Jones, Josiah Helbig
Group Four – Nasser Hamoud, Drakkar Brown, Ali Almashhad
Group Five – Brenden Gammill, Blake Townsend, Colum Costello
Group Six (The Ne’er Do Wells) – Jehad

I’m postponing performances in the Future Challenges until next week. I’m not satisfied that students have done what is required by this challenge and will give you another week to get your act together.

The deliverable for Future Challenges will be as follows:
1. A brief (two-page) paper detailing your research (as a group) (25%).
2. Your final script (as a group) (25%)
3. Your group’s performance (30%)
4. Individual Contribution to performance (20%)

There will be NO QUIZ this Wednesday. We’re going to finish covering statics & will give a homework assignment.

This week in lab we will form into robotics groups and start preparing for the robotics competition at the end of the semester. Groups will be three members. You will choose your group. There will be one group of four … however, do not pick the fourth until after all groups have been assigned.

We will also be doing advising for next semester. Please get the appropriate forms from Jackie and fill in your name, etc. Please print out your current transcript. Make sure you have chosen your option, as next semester you will have to choose Electrical, Mechanical, Telecom, Computer.


Reading Assignments
1. Read chapter 7 in preparation for Quiz #1.
Read chapter 6 for lecture on 8/28/13.
2. Read chapter 16 for lecture on 9/4/13 & 9/11/13.
Review chapter 17.
3. Read chapter 19 in preparation for Quiz #2.
4. Read chapter 17 for lecture on 9/25/13.
5. Read chapter 18 for lecture on 10/16/13

1. Quiz #1 on Chapter 7. Wednesday, 9/4/13
2. Quiz #2 on Chapter 19 and Chapter 16. Wednesday, 9/18/13
3. Quiz #3 on Chapters 16 & 17. Wednesday, 10/2/13
4. Quiz #4 on matrices and vector addition. Wednesday, 11/6/13
5. Quiz #5 on moments and statics. Wednesday, 11/13/13

1. 16.3, 16.4, 16.6, 16.8, 16.9, 16.12, 16.24, Assigned: 8/26/13, Due: 9/13/13 (Friday to my office or in lab … can hand in Wed if you’re done and don’t want to come to UALR on Friday).

2. 17.1, 17.5, 17.6, 17.8, 17.9, 17.12, 17.14, 17.36, 17.37, 17.38 Assigned: 9/18/13, Due: 9/27/13

3. 17.30, 17.31, 17.33, 17.34, 17.35 Assigned: 9/18/13, Due: 10/2/13

4. Watch an episode of Star Trek or read a book or watch a movie, whose content is related to your group’s future challenge project. How likely or unlikely is the source’s prediction to come to pass? Have elements already come to pass? What factors might make the predictions more or less likely to reach fruition? Write a one-page summary document. Due: 10/16/13

5. Adding vectors [PDF] Assigned: 10/23/13, Due: 10/30/13

6. Moments & Gears [PDF] Assigned: 11/12/13, Due: 11/20/13

Succeeding in the Classroom
History of Engineering and Engineering Disciplines
Campus Experience
Future Challenges
Problem-Solving and Brain-Storming
Project Management

Future Challenges Groups
Notable Episodes of Star Trek The Original Series that might give you a starting point.
Return of the Archons
Errand of Mercy
City on the edge of Forever

Pamfil Kunda, Mashal AlJbaa, Zohaib Maqbool, Tristan Winston, Cameron Palmer

Tanner Harris, Kyle Cothran, Christopher Reynolds, Caleb Tibbits, Lukas Steed

Kyle Morrison, Hunter Naugher, James Tyhurst, Joshua Price, Blake Townsend

Aging Population
Amanda Rabalais, Lottie Richardson, Tyler Brown, Jesus Padilla, Ricky Robertson, Jehad Almowalad

Toni Lunnemann, Ayslynn McAvoy, Brendan Gammill, James Branham, Josaih Helbig, Jeffrey Jones, Colum Costello

Environmental Impact
Ali Almashhad, Drakkar Brown, Tyler Kuykendall, Abdullah Alotaibi, Nasser Alosaimi
Joseph Sorenson

Robotics Groups
Overall Winner … Assemblers & Universal Approach

Wednesday Lab Section (Winner: Those Guys and Team F.R.E.D.)
“Razorbacks” … Tanner Harris, Mashal AlJbaa, Kyle Cothran
“Those Guys” … Zohaib Maqbool, Kyle Morrison, Hunter Naugher
“Optimus Primates” … Christopher Reynolds, Joshua Price, Pamfil Kunda
“Crusaders” … Tristan Winston, Caleb Tibbits, Cameron Palmer
“Team F.R.E.D.” … Blake Townsend, Lukas Steed, James Tyhurst

Friday Lab Section (Winner: Assemblers & Universal Approach)
“Indestructible Pineapples” … Ayslynn McAvoy, Josiah Helbig, Jesus Padilla
“Team Freedom” … Ricky Robertson, Amanda Rabalais, Joseph Sorensen, Lottie Richardson
“Assemblers” … Toni Lunnemann, Tyler Kuykendall, Jeffrey Jones
“Universal Approach” … Drakkar Brown, Jammes Branham, Abdullah Alotaibi
“Insert Name Here” … Jehad, Ali Almashhad, Nasser Hamoud
“Team Anonymous” … Tyler Brown, Colum Costello, Brenden Gammill

Final Report Format

If you want to look at the default code for the Vex Microcontroller, it can be downloaded from

First Robotics Report Format [PDF] Report is due Friday, Sept. 27, after Friday’s lab.

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